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Login Screen Tippek

moonlightthief küldte be az alábbi login screen tip listát. Ezek a hasznosnak tűnő tippek olvashatók a töltő képernyőn. Velem gyakran előfordult, hogy odapillantva elkezdtem olvasni egy ilyen tippet, de mire végig olvastam már el is űünt. Ez ugye három dolgot jelenthet a) lassan olvasok; b) nagyon gyors a gépem; c) mindkettő.

Tény, hogy ezen tooltipek nagy része a legtöbb játékos számára hasztalan, ismert információk. Mégis van benne több olyan pont is, ami még nekem is újdonság volt, pl:

  • Logoffolás után 5 percig még megmarad az addig összegyűjtött Divine Power.
  • Ha rosszul áll a frakciód Abyssban (Influence Ratio), akkor PVP-ben boostot kapsz.
  • Shift+F12-vel el lehet rejteni a textboxokat a karakterek feje felől, így nem tudnak mindent szétspammelni a Private Store-osok…  a playereket, így a rengeteg skin/textúra nem lassítja az amúgy is lassabb gépeket. Tipikusan jól jöhet pl. a fővárosban.

Szóval a lista:

  • Tip: Being defeated by a character from the opposing faction in PvP will not cause you to lose EXP.
  • Tip: Being defeated by a character from the opposing faction in PvP will cause you to lose Abyss Points.
  • Tip: You can learn new skills by buying Skill Manuals from Class Instructors or Preceptors.
  • Tip: Access Help by pressing the ‘H’ key.
  • Tip: Once you reach Level 6, you will lose some EXP when you die.nSome lost EXP can be restored by Soul Healers.
  • Tip: Binding at an Obelisk will change where you resurrect when you die.nSearch for nearby Obelisks by typing ‘/PathFinding Obelisk’.
  • Tip: The Abyss is available to characters of Level 25 and higher.
  • Tip: Link to item information in chat by Ctrl-right-clicking the item.
  • Tip: Link to quest information in chat by Ctrl-right-clicking the quest title in the Quest Log.
  • Tip: Link to crafting information in chat by Ctrl-right-clicking’ the name of the item in the craft window.
  • Tip: Click the names of other characters in chat to view their class, level and other information.
  • Tip: Try on items by Ctrl-clicking the weapon or armor.
  • Tip: Change the camera angle while moving without changing the direction of your movement by pressing Shift and holding the right mouse button.
  • Tip: Toggle auto-run either by clicking both mouse buttons at once or by pressing NumLock.
  • Tip: Reduce loading time by adjusting settings in ‘Menu – Options – Graphics Optiuons’.nOr, allow the system to auto-detect optimal settings with ‘Auto Preference’.
  • Tip: Send and receive mail by using the Mailbox.
  • Tip: Falling from a great height will cause you to suffer damage, or even to die.
  • Tip: You can ascend as a Daeva and choose a new sub-class when you reach Level 10.
  • Tip: The green gauge on the Fly button displays the remaining flying time.
  • Tip: After becoming a Daeva, you can glide by pressing the Space Bar in the middle of a jump.
  • Tip: When you want to group with another character, check that you are in the same channel.nView the channel number at ‘Menu – Service – Change Channel’.
  • Tip: Toggle flight by clicking the Fly button.
  • Tip: Aggressive monsters and characters from the opposing race are displayed as red dots on the Compass.
  • Tip: Whisper to the last person you sent a Whisper to by pressing ‘T’.
  • Tip: View a quest in the Quest Tracker by checking the box beside the quest title.nThis allows you to monitor your quest progress while playing.
  • Tip: Click blue words in the Quest Log for more detailed information on that person, place, or item.
  • Tip: Open the Info Window or view the shortcut keys by clicking ‘Menu’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tip: Group Leaders can display the Sign by right-clicking the Target Window.
  • Tip: Press ‘B’ to activate and deactivate the equipped Power Shards.
  • Tip: Easily locate NPCs by typing ‘/PathFinding NPCname’ in chat.nType ‘/PathFinding’ again to cancel the search.
  • Tip: Hit ‘N’ key to activate the transparent overlay map in order to view both the map and the game screen at the same time.
  • Tip: You can link to a location in chat by Ctrl + right-clicking the location on the map.
  • Tip: Right-click a location link on the map to open a pop-up menu.
  • Tip: Click ‘Pass’ in the Work Order tab of the Mission/Quest Window to cancel the Work Order quest currently in progress.
  • Tip: When your craft skill is maxed out for your current level, talk to a crafting master to access the next level.
  • Tip: View the current week’s Legion and Character rankings by clicking ‘Influence Ratio’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tip: Create a new Legion by visiting the Legion Administration Offices in the city.
  • Tip: By moving about during combat, you can increase your defense or attack.nOn-screen arrows indicate the current active bonuses.
  • Tip: Uup to three additional Quickbars are available in ‘Options – Game Options – User Interface’.
  • Tip: Fortresses and cities have warehouses where you can store spare items.
  • Tip: All characters on an account share the same account warehouse.
  • Tip: Expand your inventory (Cube) space by visiting a cube craftsman.
  • Tip: Rifts are corridors leading into enemy territory, and there is a limit on the number of users who can travel through one.
  • Tip: Toggle the altitude lock while flying by pressing ‘Scroll Lock’.
  • Tip: Save the location information shown in chat to your Memo Pad by right-clicking it.nView it at ‘Menu – Community – Memo Pad’.
  • Tip: When your race captures a fortress in the Abyss, it temporarily boosts the abilities of all members of your race.
  • Tip: The race with a significantly reduced Influence Ratio is given a boost to its abilities during PVP.
  • Tip: Purchase items from Abyss Contributors with Abyss Points.
  • Tip: You can consume both food and beverages at the same time.
  • Tip: At Level 20, you can take quests to become qualified to equip Stigma Stones.
  • Tip: The ranks of items are displayed as white for Normal, green for Rare, blue for Legendary and yellow for Unique.
  • Tip: Starting at Level 30, you can visit special vendors in cities to modify the appearance of your items.
  • Tip: Visit Godstone Socketers in cities to equip Godstones on your items.
  • Tip: The types of quest available include ‘Missions’, ‘Quests’, and ‘Work Orders.
  • Tip: When a quest marker appears as a double-ended arrow, it means that the reward differs according to the choices you make.
  • Tip: Clicking the mouse wheel rotates your view by 180 degrees.
  • Tip: Press ‘Shift+Z’ to switch between primary and secondary weapon sets.
  • Tip: Characters who receive express mail do not need to go to a Mailbox to read the mail.
  • Tip: When you receive an Express Mail, you can read it immediately by clicking the Express Mail Icon above the Compass.
  • Tip: View the information of the chain skill you will be using next by clicking Chain Skill Info on the Skill Window
  • Tip: Cycle through nearby targets by pressing ‘Tab’.
  • Tip: The number of dots at the left of the Target Window varies depending on the difficulty of the monster.
  • Tip: Some NPCs that wander about instead of remaining on one spot. Also, some NPCs only appear at specific times.
  • Tip: View the current status of the Abyss War by selecting the Abyss on the map.
  • Tip: At Legion Level 3, you can register custom Legion emblems.
  • Tip: DP does not reset until the character has been logged off for 5 minutes.
  • Tip: A well-timed attack can interrupt an enemy’s skill.
  • Tip: Abnormal conditions may cause you to become temporarily immobilized or unable to fight.
  • Tip: When Bleeding, Poisoned, or Burned, you will suffer damage at regular intervals.
  • Tip: You do not lose EXP when you are killed in the Arena.
  • Tip: Spiritmasters can issue commands to spirits by using the Command button.
    Tip: When you transform into an animal by using an item, you will not be able to use any skills.
  • Tip: Dredgion is more likely to appear to the race with higher Influence Ratio.
  • Tip: Artifacts can play an important strategic role in Fortress Battles.
  • Tip: You can earn Abyss Points by hunting monsters in the Abyss.
  • Tip: The use of certain special skills depends on your Abyss Ranking.
  • Tip: Teleporting is more expensive when a Fortress Battle is in progress in the Abyss.
  • Tip: Castle Gates can be repaired using the Caste Gate Repairing Device.
  • Tip: A fortress loses the protection of its Aetheric Field when the Aetheric Field Generator is destroyed.
  • Tip: High level enchantment stones have a higher success rate.
  • Tip: You can obtain enchantment stones by using extraction tools on equipment.
  • Tip: You can obtain high level enchantment stones from high rank items.
  • Tip: A failed enchantment attempt weakens previous enchantments 1 level.
  • Tip: To use a Godstone to strengthen an item, visit a Godstone Socketer.
  • Tip: Soul Bound items cannot be sold or traded.
  • Tip: Divide stacks of items in your inventory by Shift + double-clicking the stack.
  • Tip: A critical success during crafting will result in your creating an item one rank higher.
  • Tip: Increase your crafting skills easily by completing Work Orders.
  • Tip: You may decide on the ownership of an item by rolling a dice.
  • Tip: You may decide on the ownership of an item through Instant Account Settling.
  • Tip: Sell all junk items at once by clicking ‘Sell all Misc’ in the Sell Window.
  • Tip: Access the broker service through Broker NPCs.
  • Tip: Once your Legion is Level 2 or higher, you can use the Legion Item Merchant.
  • Tip: You can attach items or Kinah to mail that you send.
  • Tip: When mail arrives for you, an icon will appear above the Compass.
  • Tip: Press the Auto Arrange Inventory button at the bottom of your Cube to sort items by type.
  • Tip: Be careful of deep water; you could get hurt, or even die, in it.
  • Tip: Flying potions increase the duration of your flying time.
  • Tip: You cannot use items while gliding.
  • Tip: Once you become a Daeva, you can use a teleporter to travel to other regions and cities.
  • Tip: You cannot use items while on an airship or floating stone.
  • Tip: Communicate with other people via the Skills window or the chat box by using Emotes.
  • Tip: Make skills and items more accessible by dragging them to the Quickbars.
  • Tip: You can lock the Quickbar slots by clicking the padlock icon at the left of the Quickbar.
  • Tip: Press ‘F12’ take clean screenshots without the UI in the pictures.
  • Tip: Pressing ‘Shift + F12’ in a populated area will hide all other characters on the screen.
  • Tip: When your icon is shown as red on the Compass, it means you are at an altitude where you could die if you fall.
  • Tip: Hit ‘Enter’ to begin typing in chat.
  • Tip: You can detach the tabs from the Chat Window and put them anywhere on the screen.
  • Tip: You can send a Whisper to the last person you sent a Whisper to by pressing ‘Tab’ while in the Chat Window.
  • Tip: You can view the Tutorial at any time by going to ‘1:1 Petition – Tutorial’.
  • Tip: You can view a list of skills related to your class in the Chain Skill Info section of the Skill Window.
  • Tip: Hit ‘V’ to open the Friends Window, where you can find and add friends.
  • Tip: In ‘Options – Game Options – Combat Info’, you can toggle the option ‘Display distance from target’.
  • Tip: Switch between UI styles at ‘Options – Game Options – User Interface’.
  • Tip: Macros allow more convenient access to chains of actions that you perform frequently.
  • Tip: Double-click the Group Window to auto-follow the selected group member.
  • Tip: Many important hints for quests appear in NPC dialogs and cutscenes.
  • Tip: Coin Quests will reward you with many Coins, which can be exchanged for valuable rare rewards.
  • Tip: Certain monsters drop items that allow you to start a quest.
  • Tip: Be careful when a monster shouts for help during combat, because their companions may join the fray.
  • Tip: Monsters with unique names are very powerful, but they drop good items.
  • Tip: When attacking enemy bases, be wary of their NPC allies. They have powerful stats and skills in comparison to normal monsters.
  • Tip: There is a low chance of treasure boxes yielding good items.
  • Tip: Some skills cannot be used while flying.
  • Tip: You cannot request a duel with someone who is in the middle of combat or trade.
  • Tip: In the Arena, everyone outside your group counts as an enemy.
  • Tip: Taxes and the price of goods will fluctuate according to the Influence Ratio of each race.
  • Tip: You can check the number of members allowed to register and the remaining number of resurrections from the tool tip of the Kisk.
  • Tip: You remove Manastones from an item by visiting a Manastone Remover.
  • Tip: Remove dye using a dye remover bought from a vendor.
  • Tip: The Aether Crystals floating in the sky can be converted to materials for crafting by extracting their enery, and then converting them.
  • Tip: You can increase your Legion’s level by collecting Abyss Points.
  • Tip: You can create a private chat channel for you and your friends.nCommands for this channel can be viewed by clicking the Speech Bubble Icon on the Chat Window.
  • Tip: Hit ‘Y’ to open a private store.
  • Tip: Some quests cannot be carried out unless you have a specific title.
  • Tip: You can check the current time and whether it’s day or night on the icon next to the Compass.
  • Tip: Hover the mouse over a fortress or artifact icon on the Abyss map for detailed information.
  • Tip: You can change the size of UI with the slider in ‘Menu – Options – Game Options – User Interface.
  • Tip: There are peddler NPCs that only appear at certain times or during events.
  • Tip: Match your skills against other players by requesting a duel.nRight-click the desired opponent to send a request.
  • Tip: Go to ‘Options – Game Options – Combat Info’ and to enable the option to ‘View your target’s target’.
    Tip: Send a Whisper to someone by typing ‘/Whisper TargetName Message’ in chat.

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  1. Az egyik legfontosabb ami jól jöhet később:

    Tip: Easily locate NPCs by typing ‘/PathFinding NPCname’ in chat.

    Ezzel ha helyesen irod be a bossok nevét, a nagyját kidobja helyileg a térképre és a lila keresztet is odarakja hogy könnyen követhesd a minimapen.

    Namost ez azért jó, mert ha próbálgattátok már akkor ilyeneket irhat ki:

    A) “It is a hard-to-find location” – elirtad a nevét
    B) “XY (npc neve akar lenni) is at a hard-to-find location” + nem jön elő a map – vagy nem spawnol a serveren az adott mob, vagy több helyen spawnol, esetleg nincs még megcsinálva, hogy működjön a pathfinding vele.
    C) “XY is at [koordináták].” és előugrik a map. – helyesen irtad és meg is találta, nem feltétlenül lesz ott, de a spawnpointot megkapod.

    Aki nem tudná hol vannak pontosan a boosok azoknak segitségül mindjárt fel is rakok egy két saját készitésű kis mapot.

    egy kis update a tippekhez

    Az Aion belső levelező és csomagküldő szolgálatát gondolom mindenki ismeri, azt viszont nem mindenki tudja, hogy magadnak is küldhetsz levelet, igy gyakorlatilag végtelen tárhelyet kapsz a játékban némi Kinahért. 😉

  2. Nice blog. I’ll need to level up to 30 to get ahead of friends. how fast would it take?

  3. 2-3 hours to lvl up to 10..
    +5 days to 20 (2 days hc)
    +10 days to 30 (3 days hc)
    /I remember when it was the 5days open beta, was just enough to get to the lvl30 cap/

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