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1.9-es Angol patch notes

Kikerült az 1.9-as patch notes egy korai változata a hivatalos PowerWikire. A post neve jelenleg test01. Nem kizárt, hogy véletlenül került ki, úgyhogy biztos ami biztos lemirrorozom az egészet mielőtt még lekapják…

Tovább után a teljes eddigi anyag. Tessék mazsolázni és is éppen az teszem.


In our ongoing effort to share information on a global level, I would like to share the Korea PTS patch notes for 1.9 that were recently announced. Please note that these patch notes are for the Korean PTS 1.9 patch, and is not representative of the final 1.9 patch to be published in the West. Names, locations and features are all subject to change depending on the live Korean build and territory needs.  As of now there is no announced date for when this update will available for NCsoft West. However, we are actively working on the localization process and hope to bring you the 1.9 patch contents as soon as we can.


-Chris ‘Kinslon’ Hager

March 3rd Test Server Update 1.9 Announcement

A two-handed weapon combining system has been implemented.

[Two-handed weapon combining screen]                                                               [A combined two-handed weapon]

Two-handed weapons such as greatswords, polearms, staffs, spellbooks, orbs, and bows can be combined.

Combining can be done through the new two-handed weapon combining NPC placed in each city’s remodeling shop.

Race Location NPC Name
Elyos Sanctum Kurio
Asmodians Pandaemonium Arture

The basic requirements for combining are as follows: The main two-handed weapon’s item level must be higher than or equal to the secondary two-handed weapon’s item level. The two weapons must also be the same type.

The following changes take place following the combining process:
Basic stats: 20% of the secondary weapon’s basic attack power and 20% of its magic boosting power are added to the main weapon. However, stats that are lower on the secondary weapon are not changed.
Option: The secondary weapon’s options are added to the main weapon. When both the main and the secondary weapons have attack speed, casting speed, and PVP attack power increasing options, only the higher value number will be applied.
Manastone slots: The secondary weapon’s manastone slots are added to the main weapon. If a secondary two-handed weapon is combined while manastones are socketed in it, the manastones will be transferred to the main weapon along with the slots.

The manastone slots from the two weapons are kept distinct from each other. This means each can be socketed separately. For example, when an attempt to socket a manastone in one of the main weapon’s original sockets fails, the remaining main weapon’s manastones disappear, but the secondary weapon’s manastones remain intact.

When socketing manastones on a combined two-handed weapon, a socketing screen that allows players to select the slot for socketing appears, from which they can select either the original manastone slot or one of the slots that was added by the secondary weapon.

A combined weapon cannot be traded or stored in account or legion warehouses.

The combining process destroys the secondary weapon.

Players can undo the combining process by speaking with the two-handed weapon combining NPC. The primary weapon will once again become tradable and storable.
Weapons destroyed in the combining process are not restored when uncombined.
2.   A socketing supplement, which greatly increases the enchantment stone and manastone-socketing success rate, has been added.

The socketing supplement has lesser, regular, and greater versions. The socketing rate bonus increases with better grade supplements.

Lesser socketing supplements can be purchased from the Remodeling Merchant and the Medicine Merchant in Sanctum, Eltnen, Heiron, Pandaemonium, Morheim, and Beluslan.

The regular and greater supplements are not yet available, but will be added in a later patch.

Players who have socketing supplements in their cube when attempting to socket an enchantment stone or manastone will see a screen allowing them to select the particular stone and supplement they wish to use.

Players who do not have supplements in their cube will continue the socketing process as before (without a socketing screen.) An exception is made when socketing a manastone in a combined two-handed weapon. This process will always display the socketing screen.

3. Class items’ max socketing value has been increased from +10 to +15.

Socketing from +1 ~ +10 has the same success rate as before.

From +11, the success rate is lower.

When socketing fails at +11~+15, the value falls back to +10.

4. Strengthening armor with an enchantment stone results in an increase in physical defense in addition to HP and physical critical resistance rate bonuses.

The increased stat does not appear at +0 socketing status.

5. A new level has been added to the crafting system.

Once reaching a crafting skill level of 449, a Crafting Trainer NPC can now help players advance further.

Once players become Greater Masters, their maximum level in the skill increases to 499.

Players can become Greater Masters of two crafting skills.

6. Vitality-Extracting and Aether-Extracting master levels have been raised.

Players who reach level 399 for either of the extracting skills can go to the Extracting Master NPC for the relevant skill. They must then complete a quest and pay a fee to advance to the rank of Extracting Master.

Players who become Extracting Masters will have a new maximum skill level of 499.

7. There is now a character level requirement in addition to the skill level requirement for aether extracting ability

Level Skill Level Character Level
Greater aether extraction 200 Above level 30
Pure aether extraction 300 Above level 40
Master aether extraction 400 Above level 50

8. Certain new resources will require specific tools to gather.

These tools can be purchased from the vitality extracting merchants and aether extracting merchants in the large cities.

The specific collection items will be introduced in new zones in an upcoming expansion.

9. A “top-quality collector’s hat” and a “top-quality aether collector’s hat,” which show nearby collection items (above skill level 400) on the radar, have been added.

These hats can be purchased from the vitality extraction item merchants and the aether extraction item merchants in the large cities.

10. New recipes and morphing books have been added for both Elyos and Asmodian factions.

A “magic critical hit increase scroll” and an “Awakening Scroll,” which can be crafted from materials found in existing zones, have been added.

Please note that some of the newly added designs are crafted from materials that will be found in new zones to be added later. They cannot currently be crafted.

A new morphing book that can morph rare collection items has been added.
E.g. Greater Aether Gem -> Greater Platinum Ore

11. A resource dismantling system has been added.

Double-clicking on high level resources (such as Greater, Pure, or Brilliant grades) results in them being dismantled into 3 lower level resources. E.g. Brilliant Aether -> 3 Pure Aethers

Resources that can be dismantled are marked as bundled material items in the item type.

12. A limited edition system has been added.

Certain items have a set quantity that can be sold. They will be marked as “sold out” when stocks have been exhausted.

Sold-out items will be restocked after a period of time. The length of time varies according to the item.

There are also items that have a maximum quantity that can be purchased by each character. In these cases, only a set number can be purchased by a player regardless of stock levels.

If a player hits the maximum quota, they must wait for a certain amount of time to pass before being able to purchase the item again. As before, the length of time varies according to the item.

Items that cannot be purchased because they are either sold out or because the player has exceeded the max quantity they can purchase are marked in red.

13. Materials Merchant NPCs and Refining Stone Merchant NPCs responsible for selling aether and refining stones respectively have been added.

Aether and refining stones are limited edition items, so only a fixed amount can be purchased.
See below for information about the NPCs who sell these stones.

14. A brand-name boutique shop has been added in each capital.

The Elyos can purchase brand-name apparel from NPCs Persate, Levana, Marzella, and Koti in the Sanctuary of Splendor.

The Asmodians can purchase brand-name apparel from NPCs Armanos, Karidni, Deor, and Enasuel in the Vanahal Boutique.

15. A new Rental system has been added, with weapons and armor that can be used for a set amount of time after purchase.

Items purchased from the Rental Merchant can only be used for a set amount of time after the purchase. They automatically disappear once the time is up.

Rental equipment cannot be stored in an account or legion warehouse, cannot be sold, and cannot be modified in appearance.

Rental equipment cannot be strengthened with enchantment stones, manastones, or godstones.

Two-handed weapon combining is not permitted for rental equipment.

Players can purchase rental equipment from the weapon and armor rental merchants in Sanctum, Eltnen, Heiron, Pandaemonium, Morheim, and Beluslan.

16. Abyss items; special options for PVP attack and defense will now appear in the regular options location of the tooltip explanation.

17. Graphical changes have been made to show the item’s effect and the godstone’s effect at the same time.

18. Item appearance can now be modified at level 20 instead of 30.

19. New Legendary class weapons and armor that can only be purchased from the Abyss Contributor have been added.

These items can be equipped at levels 25, 35, and 45.

20. New wings have been added to the Wing Feather Seller’s Items for Sale in the large cities.

Level 30 legendary/class, level 40 class, and level 50 legendary/class wings have been added.

21. The appearance of resources found in the Poeta and Ishalgen regions have been changed.

[Herb]                                [Fruit Tree]                                         [Ore]

22. The “X Drakscale Hardener,” which is a shop material needed to craft the Handicrafting item “Crafted X Balaur Horn,” has been changed to “X Hammer.” (Where X is a level such as Greater, Lesser, etc.)

23. An automatic text changing function has been added to the chat window for the “Spell of Purification”.

When players enter Korean text into the chat window, it will automatically change into English text.

The automatic text changing function is only enabled the “Spell of Purification” chat window; ordinary chat windows will remain as before.

24. Successfully entering the “Spell of Purification”, will grant the player five extra seconds of flight time.

25. The issue regarding the relatively high summon use time of the small/medium/large multiple fire cannon has been resolved.

26. The “Boost Physical Attack I” skillbook will now be sold by Chanter trainers.

27. Errors within the Work Order quests have been corrected.

28. Issues with some resources spawning in abnormal locations have been addressed.

29. Corrected the issue of some items appearing abnormally when equipped.

1. The location of all characters created in the game has been reset.

All characters will be returned to the Obelisk where they are registered.

Characters not bound to an Obelisk will be teleported to their race’s initial start location.

2. Energy of Salvation has been added.

Characters who have progress slowly from level 15 despite long connection times and continuous in-game activity will now obtain bonus EXP through the Energy of Salvation.

Characters who receive the Energy of Salvation will receive Energy of Salvation points at set time intervals.

Energy of Salvation points are automatically used during hunting, collecting, crafting, missions, quests, and PvP, and will boost earned XP by 30%.

Unused points disappear 10 minutes after logging out.

3. Energy of Repose will now be earned starting at level 15. Its effects have been increased between levels 30~45.

4. New stats have been added.

A healing increase stat has been added, strengthening the Cleric’s healing abilities.

Critical hit and related abilities have been changed or added.
Magical critical hit effects, which only applied during an ordinary magic attack, will now also apply to class skills. Items that already have a magic critical hit proc will now match the new magic critical hit standard.
Physical critical hit decreasing / magic critical hit decreasing stats have been added to decrease the rate of critical hit damage incurred during physical / magic attacks.
Physical critical hit defense / magic critical hit defense stats have been added to decrease the critical hit damage incurred during physical/magic critical hit damage.

Stat Name Function Description
Heal amount increase Increases heal amount
Magical Critical Hit Boosts the rate of critical hits during ordinary magical attacks or skill use
Magic Critical Hit Resistance Lowers magic critical hit rate from attacks
Magic Critical Hit Defense Lowers magic critical hit damage from attacks
Physical Critical Hit Resistance Lowers physical critical hit rate from attacks
Physical Critical Hit Defense Lowers physical critical hit damage from attacks

[Newly added stats and function explanation]

5. Item and manastone bonuses now also affect the stats of the character’s summoned spirits, traps, and energy.

The basic stats and options of the character and item are not affected. An equipped item’s additional options and manastone options are reflected.

Using skills and items to boost a character’s stats will not boost the stats of the summons.

[Item Options that Affect Summon Stats]

The stats applied to the summon depends on the type of summon.

Type Applied Stats
Spirit HP, Physical Attack, Physical Critical Hit, Accuracy, Evasion, Physical Defense,

Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy, Magic Resistance

Trap Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy
Summon Material Physical Attack, Accuracy, Magic Attack, Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy

6. All stigma stones types can now be purchased from the Stigma Seller located in the large cities.

Race Location NPC
Elyos Sanctum Clymene
Asmodians Pandaemonium Vergelmir

7. Alterations to Casting Speed will now be reflected in the Character screen.

8. The Magic Resistance rate has been changed according to level.

When the attacker’s level is significantly higher than the defender’s level, the rate of Magic Resistance occurrence is greatly decreased.

9. The cost of Soul Healing, Soul Binding, and Flight Transportation have all been decreased.

The cost of Soul Healing has been greatly decreased from before.

The decrease in the cost of Binding depends on the difficulty of the zone. Lower-level zones have seen the greatest price-cuts.

The cost of Flight Transportation has been greatly decreased.

User Interface
1. A Looking For Group function has been added to help players find others for group quests.

Click [Find Group] or hit <Shift + V>, and the LFG screen will appear.

Creating a group/alliance recruitment link in Channel 3, the LFG channel, will automatically generate a recruitment notice, and the LFG screen will be opened automatically. Conversely, by typing a recruitment notice in the LFG screen, a group/alliance recruitment link is automatically created in the LFG channel.

Mousing over or double-clicking on recruitment text or reinforcement text allows the player to check the group’s detailed information.

Players can use the search function at the top of the screen to search by level or keywords.

After selecting the automatic search function, close the screen to make an icon appear above the start menu button. After the selected search is complete, it will blink and a system message will appear.

2. A new quickbar that can be moved anywhere on the screen has been added.

Go to Options = Game Options – User Interface to set it up.

Right-click and drag the quickbar to move it. Clicking on the icon in the quickbar allows its appearance to be changed to one of 4 different types.

Clicking on the quickbar’s lock button hides any blank slots.

New quickbars are unlocked by default.

3. An option has been added to permit more variety in target branding, making things easier when multiple characters are gathered nearby.

4. A new function will allow players to buy back items at the original sale prices.

The buy back list for the will be reset upon logging out.

Players cannot buy back junk items.

5. When players register stacked items for sale in a private store or broker, they can enter the quantity and unit price of the item by using <Shift + Right click>.

6. On the Skill list <K>, a new option has been added so that lower-level versions of the skills are filtered out

Check the box at the bottom of the screen to show just the highest level.

7. A function that lets players see the casting gauge of their target’s target has been added.

Go to Options – Game Options = Combat Info to activate it..

It can only be set up once “View target’s target” function is checked.

8. There are new options available for sorting titles.

Regular titles are those obtained through quests, including campaign quests. They appear according to the quests’ acquired level.

Special titles are obtained from events, special purchases such as pre-order packs, and so on.

9. On the Social screen (V), the [Search] tab has been changed to the [Friend List] tab.

10. The placement and number of stigma slots has been changed.

Additional stigma slots will be available in future updates.

Once future updates are complete for added stigma slot numbers, there will be more information regarding new high level stigma stones.

11. The target’s buff/de-buff icon has been changed to sort in the status bar lower left side.

12.  A “rest” icon will now be among the default quickbar icons for new characters.

13. The Soul Sickness tooltip and the content regarding Soul Healing have both been simplified.

The Soul Sickness tooltip content has been changed as follows.

Soul Healing content has been changed as follows.

14. The issue regarding in-game time information not appearing has been corrected.

15. The issue where group member names would not appear in the alliance window even after selecting “Group Member Name” in Game Options has been corrected.

16. When “Your Name” is unselected in Game Options, your summoned NPCs’ name will now not appear either.
17. The bug involving adding friends to a full Friends List has been corrected.

1. The following skills have been added.

2. The following effect has been added to the Gladiator’s “Strengthen Wings” skill.
All movement weakening magic has been removed. Immobilization and movement speed decrease resistance values have been increased by 500.
3. The issue with the Gladiator’s “Dauntless Spirit” skill tooltip explanation containing the content for Shield explanation has been corrected.
4. The Templar’s “Bodyguard” skill range has been changed from 5m to 10m.
5. The Templar’s “Holy Shield” skill’s duration time has been boosted from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.
6. The Ranger’s “Explosion Trap III” now consumes 4 Tripeed fruit instead of 11.
7. The Ranger’s “Spike Bite Trap II” now consumes 4 Tripeed fruit instead of 9.
8. The Ranger’s “Trap of Slowing” now consumes 10 Tripeed seeds instead of 7.
9. The Ranger’s “Aether Arrow” skill range has been changed from 25m to 30m.
10. The Elyos Ranger’s “Shock Arrow” skill icon has been changed.

11. All traps now have a decreased cooldown time. A maximum of two traps can now be placed on the ground.

12. The Assassin’s “Ambush” skill can no longer be used when the height difference between the Assassin and their target exceeds 8m.

13. The Sorcerer’s “Boon of Iron-Clad” skill has been restricted so that it now blocks a maximum of 5,000 damage.

14. The Sorcerer’s “Boon of Peace” skill cooldown time has been reduced from five to two minutes. The enmity reduction has been slightly adjusted.

15. The issue with the Sorcerer’s “Stone Skin” skill tooltip containing the Shield tooltip has been corrected.

16. The magic boost of the Cleric’s “Summon Noble Energy” skill has been slightly decreased.

17. The Cleric’s “Thorny Skin” skill cooldown time has been recuded to three minutes from ten.

18. The bug with the information about the Chanter’s ’Boost Physical Attack’ I and II skills being omitted from the skill list has been corrected.
19. Monsters affected by fear or sleep will no longer be as angered by a players healing or buffing their allies.

20. The colors according to previous class skill levels have been changed.

21. The problem of the stigma acquiring skill being blocked and the skill information screen not showing the correct information has been resolved.

Instanced Dungeons

1. Some instances can now be entered at a certain level, even if the entry quest hasn’t been completed.

2. After defeating the “Kromede the Corrupt” and “Vile Judge Kromede” in the Fire Temple, a new legendary class Judge item series will be dropped.
3. The Dredgion’s play time has been changed from 1 hour to 40 minutes.

4. While on the Dredgion, players must destroy five Surkanas in order to make Captain Adharti appear.

When Captain Adharti appears, a system message appears stating “Captain Adharti has appeared in the captain’s cabin”.

5. A new Dredgion defense shield has been added between the Armory and Gravity Control. The Ready Room shield’s HP has been greatly increased.

The new defense shield automatically appears when the battle against the Baranath Churl begins.

6. The number of Abyss Points players can earn on the Dredgion has been slightly increased.

7. The drop rates of the Dredgion boss monsters ’Adjudant Kalanadi’ and ’Supervisor Lakhane’ have been raised.

8. The drop rates of the boss monsters in the Draupnir Cave has been raised. Some of the dropped items have been changed.

’Commander Nimbarka’ will now drop class armor bottom sections.

’Kind Saraswati’ will now drop class armor shoulder sections.

’Lucky Golden Saam’ will now drop class armor one section at random.

9. The drop rates of the boss monsters in Dark Poeta have been increased.

For ultimate boss monsters, the drop rate increases as the rank increases.

10. The drop rates of the boss monsters in Theobomos Lab and Adma Stronghold have been increased.

11. The drop rates of the boss monsters in the Aetherogenetics Lab, Alquimia Research Center, Indratu Fortress, and Azoturan Fortress have been increased.

12. The drop rate of the ultimate boss monster “Nochsana General” in the Nochsana Training Camp has been increased.

13. The Theobomos Lab instance in Elysea has been made slightly easier.

The door blocking the Ice Corridor has been deleted. Players can now move without the key. “Queen Arachne” will no longer drop the Ice Corridor Key.

“Queen Arachne” will instead drop a “Research Center Key,” which opens a treasure chest.

The treasure chest that opens with the “Research Center Key” is hidden inside the dungeon. There is a chance that the chest will contain the “Gentlewoman’s Dress”.

14. The requirements for creating an entrance that leads directly from Heiron to Draupnir Cave and from Beluslan to the Indratu Fortress Dungeon have been changed.

The Abyss Gates to Draupnir Cave and Heiron now appear more frequently and last longer.

15. Some of the instances that could only be entered during a campaign quest can now be entered at any time.

16. The re-entry time to the Indratu Fortress in Elysea has been reduced from 12 hours to 6 hours.


1. “Daily quests” have been added allowing players to undertake a new quest every day upon joining certain groups.

Players automatically receive an introductory quest once reaching a certain level.

Group joining is possible through each group’s joining NPC.

After joining the group, a new quest will launch every day at 9 AM.

When the daily quest is launched, a button will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Players may click the button to accept or decline the quest.

Players who do not complete an accepted quest from the previous day will not be able to participate in the following quest(s).

Players cannot join multiple groups.

After leaving a group, players can immediately rejoin that group or join a different group.

After completing the daily quests, the rewards obtained can be used to obtain limited-time weapons, armor, and special title cards from the administration officer NPC.

2. Multiple quests have been added in which players receive a bundled item upon completion.

For repeat quests, players must complete the repeat to obtain the reward.

By double-clicking the bundled item, players will sometimes obtain a manastone or an enchantment stone.

3. Quests have been added to the following zones: Eltnen, Theobomos, Heiron, Morheim, Brusthonin, Beluslan, and Reshanta.

4. Quests taking place at the brand-name boutique shops in the city areas have been added.

5. New Dredgion quests have been added.

New quests have medals as their rewards.

Some existing quests now have additional scroll or food rewards.

6. When undertaking the crafting quests [Elyos] “Well Rounded” and [Asmodian] ”Proving Proficiency”, the number of “Boiling Balaur Blood Stains” needed to craft the “Heart of Magic” has been reduced from 125 to 100.

7. Players can still proceed through the quests [Elyos] ”Loyalty” and [Asmodian] “Loyalty and Affableness” even after killing “Captain Mituna,” who appears in Drakenwreck in Reshanta.

8. The difficulty of some campaign quests has been decreased.

The stats of some monsters have been decreased.

Items have been changed from individual drops to group drops.

A quota showing the individual number of monsters to be defeated has been added.

For [Elyos] ”Secrets of the Temple”, another quest has been added beforehand that rewards players with the items necessary for this quest.

9. Unlimited repeat quests have been changed to limited repeat quests. The reward stats for the changed quests have been increased.

10. The reward stats of some quests that can be acquired after level 20 have been increased.

11. For some campaign quests that require entry to an instance, an option has been added that will teleport players to the instance entrance.

12. The issue where some items necessary for [Asmodian][“Group] Hat of the Steel Beard Pirates” were not being dropped from the “Steel Rake Shaman” has been corrected.

13. players can now enter the Adma Stronghold instance through the normal entrance during the campaign quest [Asmodian] “The Secret of Adma Stronghold”.

14. Errors in several quests have been corrected.

1. The level and difficulty of the Asmodian missions and some related monsters has been decreased.

The level of “High Spellshifter Abija” who appears in Altgard’s Black Claw Outpost has been decreased.

The levels of the Mau that appear in the Altar of the Black Dragon in Morheim has been decreased.

During the campaign quest “The Abyss Key”, the level of the monsters that appear in the “Fire Room” in the instance has been decreased. The spawn rates of monsters in the “Water Room” and the “Wind Room ” have been changed.

The level of “Chalice Guard Denlavis,” who appears in the Fire Temple instance, has been decreased. It has also been moved to a more accessible location.

2. The Theobomos Lab difficulty has been decreased.

The stats of some monsters have been decreased and their placements have been changed.

3. The stats and spawn rates of some of the monsters that are placed in the Dredgion instance have been changed.

All monsters have been changed to sense advanced stealth. The monsters’ movement speed has been increased.

The stats of monsters placed in the Surkana area have been increased. The stats of normal monsters have been decreased.

The spawn rates of ” Quartermaster Vujara,” “Auditor Nirshaka,” “Supervisor Lakhane,” and “Adjudant Kalanadi” have been increased.

4. The stats of some Guard NPCs in Eltnen, Heiron, Morheim, and Beluslan have been increased, and new Guard NPCs have been added.

5. The stats of the monster “Angry Mosbear,” which sometimes appears during “The Broken Honey Jar” in Altgard, have been decreased.

6. The problem of the Spiritmaster’s spirit and some monsters’ animations not appearing correctly has been corrected.

7. The problem of the Guard NPC at the entrance to Poeta’s Akarios Village battling normally with the Wandering Kerubs has been corrected.

The Abyss

1. The Abyss Fortress War interval has been changed from 2 hours to 1 hour.

As a result of this, all Fortress start times have been changed.

After the Guardian Deities appear on the Core and Top layers, they will disappear as before in 30 minutes. Once the Guardian Deity disappears, the Fortress War ends.

2. In accordance with the Fortress War interval changes, the appearance time of the Divine Fortress’ Guardian Deity General on the Base layer has been changed from 110 minutes to 50 minutes.

Among the Guardian Deity General’s stats, Maximum HP and Elemental Defense have been greatly decreased.

3. The opposing race’s bind point can no longer be invaded.

When an aetheric field touches the opposing race’s bind point area, great damage is inflicted, causing instant death.

Players who go inside an aetheric field through different methods will also be killed instantly.

Players who are killed this way will resurrect after automatically teleporting to an Obelisk or Kisk.

4. There is no longer a contribution point bonus to players preemptively attacking the Divine Fortress’s Base level Guardian Deity General.

1. The Elyos now have the Kaisinel Sanctuary, while the Asmodians have the Marchutan Sanctuary.

There are teleport statues in each sanctuary.

Some quests are conducted inside the Sanctuary, with additional campaign quests and regular quests expected in later updates.

[Kaisinel Sanctuary]

[Marchutan Sanctuary]

2. A district for selling brand-name apparel has been added to the large cities.

In Sanctum, this is located near the Airship Dock. In Pandaemonium, it is located in the Vanahal District.

[Elyos Brand-Name Boutique Location]     [Asmodian Brand-Name Boutique Location]

3. New paths and Obelisks that can be reached through flight have been added.

The new flight destinations have Obelisks to bind to.

Altgard’s Traders Berth is an existing destination. An Obelisk has been added there.

4. Teleport coordinates have been added to the teleport statues in the city regions.

A flight path from inside Sanctum to the exterior has been added.

A flight path from inside Pandaemonium to the western exterior has been added.

[Sanctum]                                     [Pandaemonium]

5. Piano keyboards have been added to the main cities of Elysea and Asmodae.

Jump from one of the 25 keys to the next, and different notes will sound.

They can be found in Sanctum’s port area and in Pandaemonium’s plaza district.

6. The problem of characters not being able to leave certain special regions has been corrected.

1. You can now use the keyboard’s <Print Screen> key to take a screenshot once every 5 seconds.

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  1. Eszméletlen mennyiségű “difficulty decreased” és skill, stat, item, droprate boost. Kicsit azért félek. De alapvetően nagyon sok jó dolog várható, és remélhetőleg ilyen körülmények között lesz kedve jönni az utánpótlásnak. 🙂

    Viszont egy apróságot kiragadnék: A rangereknek a csapda CD csökkent, és 2 csapda lehet a földön. Megyek riftelni muhaha! xD Így is csomóan csúnyán alábecsülik a snare trap stigmát..

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  4. 23. An automatic text changing function has been added to the chat window for the “Spell of Purification”.

    When players enter Korean text into the chat window, it will automatically change into English text.

    The automatic text changing function is only enabled the “Spell of Purification” chat window; ordinary chat windows will remain as before.

    24. Successfully entering the “Spell of Purification”, will grant the player five extra seconds of flight time.

    Ezt a 2 pontot kérem magyarázza meg valaki.

  5. A Spell of Purifiaction egy beépített aether szedő botvédelem. Lényege, hogyha egyhuzamban “sokáig” étersz szedsz, akkor egyszercsak megjelenik egy panel “Spell of Purification” névvel, amiben egy képen egy deformált szöveg van (capthca) ha azt beirod helyesen, akkor mehet tovább a gyüjtögetés, ha nem, akkor debuffot kapsz.

    A 23-as pont annyit jelent, hogy amennyiben koerai keyboardon gépeled be a szöveget, akkor azt automatikusan átváltja angol betűkre. (nem kell hozzá oda-vissza változtatni a keyboard kiasztást)

    A 24-es pont pedig annyit jelent, hogy amennyiben helyesen gépeled be a szöveget, akkor kapsz 5 másodperc extra flight timeot, amit ugye arra pazaroltál el, hogy begépeld a captcha-t.

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